What Is In My Handbag?

What’s in my handbag?

Well, I have several handbags, several which after a couple of weeks, and at a push months become redundant returning to the wardrobe, usually only temporarily, as I tend to rotate. A couple of my handbags have something that resembles Melody; so one has an ‘M’ keyring and another has a cuddly monkey keyring, which very briefly went to the NICU with her.

Currently I am using a flamingo backpack, purchased from Asda for £8. I wanted a backpack for in between shifts during the last summer term and for majorette competitions.

So, what is in my handbag?

Well, I am afraid to say nothing overly exciting.

Spare change of clothes for Baby Red…I must admit it has been nice to down grade from a changing bag, have used a change bag for what seems like forever, officially it is four and a half years, but we also used a small change bag for when Melody was alive too – anyway, nice to have minimal baby things on tow now.

The spotty notebook is hopefully plans for my Christmas adventures – it I still empty.

I have a Bluetooth speaker, Mr Red recently brought this for me, I love it, it is a shower one, not that I use it in the shower, but I have taken it so that the majorette trainer could use it.

Pecorama tickets from last week, I really don’t need these in my bag, but they are there.

A Cath Kidston Purse. I love this purse so much; it is a perfect size for me.

A Pen

A canvas bag, which is going to (hopefully) turn into my 2017 Prayer Flag for this year’s day of hope on the 19th August.

My diary, I actually have two but this one is my brain, my memory I would be very lost without this book.

Unicorn Notebook, using this to jot down ideas for this challenge, particularly when I can’t get to a computer, or I’m in the car.

My Camera, I love photography, I did it as my work experience and as a Saturday job when I was a lot younger, I’ve had various digital ones, my one before this was a gift from my husband, unfortunately it became tired, resulting in me being without one for a while, until a couple of weeks ago when I won one on eBay. Very pleased so far.

It is quite boring really, I’ve often got random leaflets and information in there, it is fairly organised…for now.

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