What I’m afraid Of 


Lots of things Spiders is probably my most biggest phobia, Clowns too if I can I’ll avoid at all costs. Unless you’re doing a psychology project and find Google have photos of Clowns with Spiders in their faces.. Interesting.

Nothing is safe.

That aside, I suffer with anxiety, even more so since our daughter died. In a world where nothing is no longer safe. Some days the fear takes a hold of me, grounds me on the spot, but mostly I can cope, we can cope. This part of my life I think I hide it well.


I’m afraid of loneliness, but also having people around me who treat me like I’m a second thought. People have walked away from my life, and wrack my brains for months trying to figure out what I’ve done. I put the blame on myself too much,when often I should know it isn’t me, or maybe it is.


Becoming the writer I’d like to be, afraid I’m not good enough – maybe I’m not, but for something I love doing, I should let being afraid stop me.
All probably silly things to be afraid of, but they’re pretty big in my mind. Whilst I don’t let them bother me too much, sometimes fear gets the better of me.

I could probably be less afraid of these things, I hope one day this list will just be – Spiders.

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