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I am such a big child when it comes to Christmas, I love everything about it. I am of course very conscience that we have a little person missing, I know many struggle for this reason. But I needed to make the one thing I have always loved extra special. We can’t afford lavish holidays, or the festive days out over Christmas, but we do keep traditions as much as we can. I did blog a Christmas adventure with a cuddly toy, which I ended up indie publishing for a bit of a giggle.

We just really try to have a wonderful time. For the past few years I have managed to get to a couple of the Christmas Markets, will repeat this again this year. Mr Red and I may even have a second attempt at Christmas shopping, it was a disaster last year, with weather and only managing to get Child Care for a limited amount of time.

Butterfly Awards 2017.

As I write this I am also looking forward to The Butterfly Awards, we went last year and it was amazing, I didn’t win, but I did get to have a lovely night away with my husband. This year I get to meet a lady who lost her little boy a year after Melody, we have spoken online, but never met, this year we will.


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