The Top of My Bucket List

I try not to speak about bucket lists too much.

Live for the moment, I really do like to take one day at a time. We do make plans of course we do but the bigger ones we don’t always plan too far on advance.

The top of my bucket list would be to travel the whole of the UK, including Scotland. I am sure there is a whole world that needs visiting. But I am privileged enough to have been born in a country with such beautiful heritage and histories. I’m lucky that where I live, here in Somerset we’re already surrounded by stunning landscapes and wonderful buildings, but I would love to see them all.

We’re hoping to do Scotland in a couple of years anyway, but I would love to visit everywhere, even if there are places that aren’t as picturesque, they still have character of some kind. Although I am not religious, I think the UK has some beautiful churches and cathedrals.

We’re members of the National Trust, so we do get so see some of the local areas which are included, so this will help towards the sights I would love to see. There are many theme parks here that we could enjoy, countryside outside of Somerset to visit.

Don’t get me wrong there are a few places I’d like to visit away from the UK, Italy being one and Disney Land too…I know not a wide spectrum. But it is here I’d love to explore more first, nooks and crannies that aren’t huge on the tourist lists. I’d like to write Melody’s name in all of the beaches here, visit the lakes and see the Dragonflies.

Try cream teas in different parts, try foods that maybe I have already tried but are from a specific region, maybe cider is actually better away from Somerset, (I doubt it ;))I know real Irish Guinness is nicer that the pub version.

I live in a beautiful country;I look forward to seeing more.


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