My Senses Right Now


I’m not sure where this should be heading, so I will just go through my human senses, and what each of them are, well…sensing.



I broke my glasses just over a fortnight ago, they have been held together by tape and glue, days where I’d accidentally knock them, and they would come unstuck – three or four times this happened, each time I was plunged into a world of blurry and poor vision, my sight is terrible, it was never the best but it was made considerably worse by my last pregnancy.  I’ve had my eyes tested in the last couple of weeks, they haven’t gotten much worse.


Playful chatter, or gentle snores are what fills my ears of a morning, there is rarely silence here, not even at night while sleeping takes place; some snoring and often talking too. With four children at home it can be incredibly noisy; often I need to say for them to lower the volume, although I’m not a fan of silence. I love the sound of the sea, the waves crashing back and forth, back and forth, it is such a peaceful noise.


I’m trying to diet, and it isn’t the easiest, I am tired a lot –  Velcro toddler, who STILL loves her breast milk around the clock, I find myself eating shit. But I am trying, I am trying to be a lot healthier, there are so many healthy foods I have never tried before. I am loving new tastes, I just need to eave the chocolate alone…


Rain, especially the daylight thundery rain, I cannot explain the smell, but it is such a nice natural smell… which is opposite to the next smell I love, steam engine smell, either from Steam Trains or the miniature ones, or the scent from the traction engines. It reminds me heavily of my childhood, going to steam rallies, with vintage cars and machinery. The scent takes me right back there.


Baby’s skin, I love how soft and perfect their skin is. The feel of fresh, chilly bedding and the cold side of the pillow is how beds should be upon entering them of a night time.



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