My Earliest Memory

I’m not sure really, I don’t have any photos to help either. I was brought up around vintage car rallies; my Dad had is very own vintage car, but he repeatedly took it apart then would go a couple of years before it was in a drivable state again.

I remember being in Majorettes named Super Troupers as a young child, can remember the Pom Poms being huge, they were red white and blue (I think). We used to perform at various fetes including the schools and the Museum.

I wish I had photos.

I remember spending a lot of time with my Nan; we were close particularly after Andad (I couldn’t say my ‘G’ as a toddler so Andad stuck) died.

When I stayed overnight a lot she used to let me stay up late and watch the News at 10 , we’d sit in the dark, her real fire still glowed slightly…Moira Stewart read out the news. We’d probably have had cereal or tea and biscuits for some kind of supper.

I can’t really remember a lot about my childhood; things have happened over the past few years, I’m not sure whether my mind is just blotting things out, or my memory isn’t up to scratch. My memory changed somewhat after our daughter died, it meant a lot that didn’t involve my children has been wiped, not completely it just isn’t as clear any more.  It is really hard to explain. Some things I can remember.


So, I’m afraid there isn’t much to share here.


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