Getting to know me – Day One Intro.

I simply cannot get my mind settled onto one post, then I get overwhelmed and stare at the screen for hours; then I complain that I haven’t done any work.

I have scheduled some get to know me posts across the month of August, to get something out there regularly, to find some confidence again in writing.

So, I run two blogs, this one which I am fairly new to. It was under a different name, but not for long as it just didn’t feel right. The Red Head Diaries was born. I am still a little nervous about this one, as I don’t write about a specific topic here, what ever is on my mind in my little world goes here.

I also write on Melody and Me, I have done since 2012, there have been name changes; and I have no idea why I didn’t just go with this one in the first place! I am so indecisive. I love writing on that one, but as I wanted it set to just the one subject – grief and loss, it was then the second blog was born.

I am still playing about with themes. But if you like anything you read please feel free to follow and share.20108396_1421462944609743_2879679841231768085_n


I’m Mum to five, married to my soul mate.


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