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I like searching for quotes, some I can relate to, others are just plain strange, or make no real sense. I’ve spent many minutes searching for quotes relating to Baby Loss, or family life, things that can bring inspiration, words that in an instant can make you feel less alone; that someone out there is feeling as you do.

Baby loss quotes for me are often few and far between, with a lot centred around Miscarriage and Stillbirth; although I’ve had miscarriages, my most significant (to me) loss wasn’t either of those, so I’ve never really found any which relates to her.  But there are some very beautiful quotes out there.

Although this one isn’t Baby Loss related, I feel connected to it.


When there are days where I struggle to remember her, it is a lovely quote; every time I see it I can hear Tom Hanks saying it.


Big fan of Alice In Wonderland, I’ve heard many a rumour of us being odd, different and of course crazy, particularly since our loss; we’re not – people who don’t know us just can’t seem to grasp that we are normal, but things are different for us.



I spent a long time on bed rest throughout my last two pregnancies due to HG – particularly my last pregnancy. So I spent a lot of time having only DVD Box-sets as company; in particular Grey’s Anatomy, so I’d like to share a couple of my favourite quotes from the show.


Do you have any favourite quotes? I’d love to see them.

Thank you for reading

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