Blogs I Read

I try and read as many as I can, particularly as a blogger I like mine to be appreciated too.

There are a few new ones which I am enjoying; I say new, I mean new to me.

I’m not sure if I can include these as I contribute, but as I am not alone in contributing to them, I will add them.

Loss Through The Looking Glass, put together by some incredible women.

Still Standing Magazine, I have been in awe of the articles that have appeared over the years, they have helped me so much.

The Hairy Dadders

Life by The Dreams

Whinge Whinge Wine

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Write like No-one’s Watching


Just to name a few.

I love reading blogs, I am maybe a little nosey. But often I really am in awe of how people manage to maintain such popular blogs, and keep tidy houses!!

I am shit at planning, and parenting at times…I really should keep to set times for things, but I over flow then time runs away with me.

One Day I will get better organised.

But for now I will carry on enjoying both reading and writing.


The Red Head Diaries

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