what happened to me? flash fiction

What Happened To Me?

Did they think I couldn’t see them? The pair of them had been stood in the corner, whispering and staring at me for hours. One dressed in white, the other in black. The one in white would step towards me, whilst the one in black tore her back towards him.

What do they want? Why don’t they want to come any closer to me? Who are they?

I can’t move, I have no real idea of where I am. There are people stood close to me, some look familiar, but I couldn’t tell you who they are exactly. My brain is working, but I can’t speak; I don’t know why I can’t talk either. I used to talk, I am sure of it. But why can’t I now? I want to rub my blurry eyes, but I can’t move my hands, I can’t even feel my arms let alone move them.

What had happened to me?

I looked to the corner to the two people stood with their arms crossed, staring. Why had nobody else acknowledged them? Why wasn’t anyone else asking them?

“Miranda!” I can see my wife. I am trying so hard to grab her attention; I need her to talk for me, he looks so sad. But I am okay, I just can’t talk. Why isn’t anyone trying to communicate with me?

I can’t hear anything.

“ARRRGGGGHHHH.” So screaming isn’t working, I need to break free from this state. Miranda stepped away, I can’t see her.

People in uniform surrounded me, they’re touching me. Holding my legs, my hands. I wanted Miranda, where is my Miranda?

The uniformed people stood back, the two strangers stepped forward. One either side of me. I can see their mouths were moving.

The woman in white placed her hands over my chest. The pain, the pain burned through my skin, that skin no longer felt like mine. I could feel myself draining from my veins.

What was happening? I tried to stop her, but of course I can’t move.

The man in black, grabbed my face with his cold bare hands, pressed his lips against mine. Pinning my tongue between his teeth, planting what felt like a sting onto it.

As I leave the body I once knew, I was stood in the corner. So many people stood around watching as my life fades away. The final breath of life taken, the last of the pain felt.

I can’t see anything. Everything has gone black.

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