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Fiction Friday: The Wind Walkers

The snooze alarm bounded by my bedside; he wasn’t ready for the alarm, but being on the day shift. He had better get up.

Jude was not a huge fan of breakfast; so he grabbed a slice of toast and a travel mug full of black coffee. He relied heavily on the caffeine for his my job! Living on site has its perks because he didn’t have to get up too long before his shift starts.

Stepping out, he couldn’t quite tell what the weather would be today; it looked like it is going to be nice and dry, which meant it would be a hot one.

Jude left his home and walked to one minute distance to his place of work. He didn’t like being even a minute late, although the workforce worked alone in their offices; they were also a community too.

In Jude’s area there were three offices, two had elevators to the one and only floor. But the other building had nearly 600 steps to reach the top floor. Nobody ever wanted to work that building, but nobody offered to take turns either, it was very much first come first choice. Today it was Jude who arrived a millisecond too late!

His day began as the white automatic doors opened, stepping through the entrance the doors slide closed behind him. The first part of the stair case was dark, not completely as the tiny windows a little way up the staircase let some light in. Doing the job, walking the stairs every single day, you would expect it to get easier. It didn’t. As Jude reached the 100th step, he took a moment to look out of the window. He opened it slightly to let some air through to him; enjoying the fresh air he took a sip from his travel mug, and then continued climbing the building.

Before long he had reached the very top. He walked over to the windows and gave his co-workers a little wave. Although he absolutely loved his job, he at times did feel lonely. He did have a head set to talk to them if he wanted. Before making conversation he needed to set his work station up for the day.

Temperature gauge for outside – checked

Temperature gauge for inside – checked.

Safety Alarms – checked.

Weather Station – checked. There wasn’t a lot of wind out there, which meant Jude’s day got a little bit harder.

Finally a full safety inspection for the blade runners; this was a job that needed to be done every day, at the beginning, in the middle and even at the end of the shift.

All boxes ticked; Jude stepped onto the blade runner, putting his headset and mouth piece in place. It was time for him to begin. It always took at least 20 footsteps for the mechanics to begin its job; the blades on the outside of the building began to turn.

The wind turbines were up and running for another day.

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