April Favourites

I was hoping that this month we would finally have some kind of warmer weather settling in. We were incredibly lucky and had three days of sun. I think that was our summer for 2018. Another month which has flown by.


Mum to a teenager.

Well, it has finally happened, my eldest daughter became an official teenager, although she has behaved liked one for years!! She celebrated with a joint party, with one of her oldest friends. They had a wonderful time, although I think they spent more time on their phones than actually dancing! Sign of the times I guess…


Social Life…of a five year old!

The amount of birthday parties that have occurred recently has been crazy; her social diary is a lot busier than mine ever is! It is hard to keep up. I am glad that she is making some friends; there have a been a few moments where she says nobody plays with her, or that she feels left out. But she does seem to get on with everyone. Social little Butterfly.



These are bringing a few more dates to the diary; it is lovely. With her social life, brings people to me too; I am relieved we made the right choice with schools.


Majorette Competitions

The season had just begun when I wrote my last round-up. The troupe have since collected many trophies, with my son and youngest majorette winning best mascot in their sections, and the youngest majorette won herself overall mascot too. We’re all so incredibly proud of them. They really seem to enjoy being part of it and performing; the three of them have made some wonderful friends there too.



This month I am still enjoying being meat-free. I haven’t really missed it, apart from the various party foods; but let’s face it I can do without eating it anyway!

With the few days of nice weather, it was great to drag the salads out! When out on competition days, I have enjoyed taking overnight oats and sneaked in naughty cheese and tomato sandwiches. I rediscovered tomatoes straight from the vine – the smell takes me straight back to my childhood, when my grandparents used to grow the majority of their vegetable stash.


So, during the month of April I have lost approximately 6lb, with a gain in there too. 6lb is a loss, not a big one, but it is a loss. I am working my mind set to now get this weight off, and for it to stay off.

I don’t do the paid diets, I can’t quite get my head around them, so I calorie count. I can keep an eye on exactly what is going in my mouth. I can even sneak in a naughty Freddo bar; still not happy that they’re no longer 10p!!

So, this month I have concentrated on using the My Fitness Pal app, which doesn’t just measure calories but other things that we should watch for, like fats and carbs. My husband over on Shave the Wookiee lost an amazing amount when he first ever used it and is using it again now, but it doing more of a fitness regime using weights. Check out his blog!



I went to the pool once, I don’t swim but I do love being in the water.

Using the pedal machine a lot more; I can watch a film, or feed the toddler whilst doing this which is very handy!

A new app, which my friend (CB) has introduced to me – she is probably reading, so I thought I’d mention her…The app is Lose Weight in 30 days. At the time of writing, I have been doing it for just over a week. It is really easy and gives you a step by step guide to the routines. I hope it works.

Upping the walking too, the weather isn’t brilliant, but a group of us have made a point of going out once a week walking. We certainly clock up the miles, talking loads, we hardly notice.


Then she was gone

Nobody’s Army

Caesarean Section Awareness Month

Getting Through a Caesarean Section

Neonatal Care

My Still Standing Contribution


Excited for what May will bring.

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