Wish List from a Nine Year Old – Christmas

List to Father Christmas

I doubt my children aren’t the only ones who have to put together their Christmas wish lists super early.

My son at least has written and re-written his several times over. I am sure he will do it a lot more than that too on the run up to Christmas. It makes me easier, so I can shop sooner.

This week I will share with you his list, it is very much with the Disney Cars theme. As much as he enjoys his tablet, he does like making up stories and adventures with the Cars and his trains. A lovely imagination.

My son is Nine Years Old and here is his Wish List (at least today it is).

  1. Cars 3 Diecast Jackson Storm
  2. Orange Fitbit
  3. Orange Fidget Cube
  4. Cars 3 Diecast Dinoco
  5. Xbox 360 – I really, really would like this please. PLEASE!!!
  6. Xbox 360 Cars 3 Drive to Win
  7. Xbox 360 Controllers – Four would be nice to share with my sisters, but any controllers would be cool
  8. Diecast Chick Hicks
  9. Lightening Lorry – Mack
  10. The Kings’ Hauler
  11. Jackson Storm Hauler
  12. Hot Wheels 3 lane Superspeedway
  13. Fidget Spinner Ball
  14. Diecast Fabulous Lightening Mcqueen
  15. Cars Boxset of 1,2,and 3
  16. USB stick for the Xbox (If I get one)
  17. Xbox 360 Controller Charger
  18. Ebay voucher or
  19. Amazon Voucher
  20. To go on Holiday in 2018 with Mummy and John and my family.


As Father Christmas isn’t coming to our house this year, some of his workforce will be making our deliveries this year, I wonder whether or not he’ll receive any of his list this year.

I love reading their wish lists; somethings they place on them completely surprise me, whilst others I know exactly that is what they would ask.

Stay Tuned for more wish lists, and Christmas themed posts.

I love Christmas.

christmas wish list

My Nine year old’s Christmas List


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