Our Christmas Traditions

I have always loved Christmas; it is a time that should always remain magical; even if I, as an adult has to perform those magical Christmas Traditions.

Every single part of Christmas is awesome. I have in the past couple of years tried to shop as much as I can throughout the year to help with the costs. My poor husband has been up and down the loft ladder so many times this year; I think he thinks that I am a giant Christmas obsessed weirdo… That I will admit to.

A Row of Christmas Stockings

Our Christmas decorations usually go up early December; we try to have a colour theme of some kind; however it doesn’t always go to plan. This year we haven’t yet made a decision about our colour scheme. Watch this space!

Toddler girl next to a decorated Christmas tree

Shopping throughout the year opens up for me to do worry free, leisurely strolls around Christmas Markets, did I mention Child free too? We have done Exeter and Poundbury Market’s in recent years. I think this year we’re planning Dorchester; would be nice to visit one with my husband too.  This year I have managed to get most of my Christmas Shopping done, with just a few items left to get; even better when you can catch the sales throughout the year.

Mrs S wearing a christmas hat

A favourite trip of our would be to one of our local National Trust Properties; usually Killerton House near Exeter; they regularly do a themed season around Christmas; so far we’ve attended the Narnia and Fairy Tale themed days. They’re so magical, the children love them. We usually go with another family; last year we even stretched to a Mulled Cider (The Dads drove).

Mulled Cider

Chilly but lovely.


As the weeks move forward the Christmas movies begin to enter the DVD player, with our favourites being Home Alone and Polar Express. For when the children are in bed Love Actually.

The Christmas Songs land in my IPod, Mariah Carey, Shakin’ Stevens, and Slade. They really, really do not make Christmas Music like they used to. No novelty or fun. How old do I sound? But it is true. Growing up The Christmas Number One was exciting, it was a huge part of Christmas Day – Top of the Pops, that and EastEnders’ Christmas Special. I’m not quite old enough to have watched Den and Angie’s Divorce at Christmas, but the regular dramas which made for tradition in this soap.

I don’t watch the UK soaps these days, they certainly don’t make Christmas viewing like they used to (How old?!).

I guess Dr Who would probably be the most traditional of Christmas shows – however we are one of the few families who no longer have a TV License. Whole other post for that!!


Christmas can be a time to eat lots of delicious food; well unless you’re meant to be dieting…

Mince Pies, Christmas Puddings, savoury snacks – mainly cheese footballs. There’s some alcohol too, but if I am honest the past few years I haven’t really wanted the usual Christmas drink. Bailey’s used to be a hit. But breastfeeding, pregnancy, breastfeeding with allergies; alcohol hasn’t been the top of my list. As above I did have my first Mulled Cider last year. That was nice.

In 2016 we began a new tradition – for us, where we had roast dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (idea stolen from a friend), Traditional English Breakfast for lunch. It was nice because it meant Mr Red could spend more time with presents. He does the cooking, because I really am not that good at it!

We usually have Mum in Law and one of Mister’s brothers for Christmas. Our Christmases are of course split, so one year we have the big ones for Christmas Eve and Day, the alternate year they go to their Dad’s for these days. When they go there until Boxing Day I’m not a huge fan of being at home without the older two, especially since M died. Christmas is always bittersweet. It doesn’t feel right doing Christmas presents without them here. Whilst they’re at their Dad’s we travel to North Devon for Christmas, which is always lovely. Which means Father Christmas comes a day late here on the alternate Christmas.

A Festive living room. Traditions

Father Christmas has been asked NOT to come this year. Mini Red has decided she isn’t keen on the idea of him, right from a small baby; hen she has something in her mind it is hard to change. So we will have Fairy Christmas instead. A team of fairies will deliver the presents to our house; of course they are still employed by Father Christmas. It’ll be magical, and no doubt double the amount of glitter will be at our house. I may love glitter just a little bit.

Tartan photo of a deer

So, when I started to write this I wasn’t expecting it to be so many words; so I have decided I will do over several parts.


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