Our Christmas Team

December 2012 was our first Christmas as a family who had suffered the loss of an infant. It was meant to be filled with memories of “Baby’s First Christmas” things and excitement. Only I was pregnant again with a “rainbow”, suffering with Hyperemesis for the second time in a year and a head full of anxieties. I wanted to give the Children a happy and fun filled Christmas they deserved after the difficult year they had. Cancelling Christmas was not an option.

Instead I vowed to make Christmases from then on in as magical as I could. This was when Eli Elf arrived to help make December fun.

The Christmas Team

eli the elf

He was cheeky and did get up to lots of mischief but gave the children so much light that year, gave us a giggle too; it helped us to focus on something silly in the depths of hell in which we were feeling. We knew that this would need to continue every year.

The following year was Mini’s first Christmas, we had soon learned that even having another baby meant our Christmases would always be bittersweet, they would always need to extra magical to make up for the missing little person. Of course nothing will ever replace her. Nothing.



Ralph the reindeer with a clue

Ralph the Reindeer came to our house that year, I ended up blogging his daily antics, which in turn ended up becoming a book (a terribly put together book), but is out there all the same, the children and even some of their friends loved it.

Ralph's Christmas Adventure Book cover

The following year Ralph returned, although he still was adventurous within our home, there wasn’t much cause for him to be busy. Unbeknown to the rest of the world; I had been hit with severe Hyperemesis with baby number five, I could barely cope with myself and children let alone making magic with this Reindeer. It made me kind of sad. Mr Red did what he had to with Ralph, and the magic to some extent remained.





Robyn along with Ralph visited and got up to festive mischief. Robyn is actually a penguin, one of the smaller of the Christmas folk, but is just as naughty. Mini really fell in love with her.

robin and ralph team


Last year we had Robyn, Ralph and Eli visit. The children really do love them coming.


As we enter December this Christmas tradition begins, each day of the month.

three packages and an advent candle

The team not only get up to crazy things, like moving objects or hiding things. But they teach the children team work, and problem solving. They leave clues to solve, riddles helping them find a small package either each or between them.

Most days it is a festive book wrapped up, with days that have a little parcel each too; these are either Lego Mini figures for them to build or a simple Cadbury’s Chocolate Snowman treat.

It may seem overboard, or spoiling them. But we love it, they deserve it. And it is fun!

Magical Christmases adds to our traditions. Making memories last.


The Red Head Diaries.

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