Mini Christmas Haul for a Two Year old Girl.

This year I have tried my best to shop for Christmas throughout the year. I think I have been reasonably successful, with only a few things to purchase. It is really nice to feel organised. We don’t have a huge income, and what we do get after the bills and bring stuff; we like to treat the children as much as we can; if that means spoiling them at Christmas, then I am happy with that.

So I thought I would share some of the items I have purchased for her so far.

This lot we have


  • The Unicorn from Despicable Me series. She is a bit of a unicorn fan and she loves the Minions, what better Unicorn would be that is the one that the little girl loves in the movie. Found this in Aldi.
  • “Little People” both of the two younger girls love the Little People sets from Fisher Price. This one I hope will be no different; it is a Donald Duck set – Popcorn Cart. Which surprisingly I picked up in a charity shop for £2! Never even been taken out of the packet.
  • This little girl is a big fan of Beauty and The Beast; as is half of the population at the moment. So when these first came out they were leaving the shops in minutes; I managed to grab one quite easily in our local Primark for £4. She is going to love it.
  • Loves her handbags, this was one of my first buys for Christmas 2017 back in January, when the prices were slashed; I managed to pick it up in Asda for £1. It is shiny, pretty and has a Princess on it.
  • Finally in this photo there is a mobile game, where there is liquid inside, she has to place the hoops onto the mini pegs, brought for £1 in The Original Factory Shop She may not be able to do one; but her siblings have one each.

Next photo we have


  • Mr Tumble Giant Playing Cards, I think they’re a bit like Snap. Purchased in Aldi.
  • Peppa Pig Books. I’d brought both as part of a bundle from a friend. Baby loves Peppa, I am sure she will love these too.

Next little Haul is

Christmas Presents

  • A tiny tin of Superhero balls of biscuits from Lidl for 99pence. Again we’ve brought them for her siblings. They’re great for the Superhero Fan.
  • Troll Head band brought from Take a Peak Boutique in Crewkerne, although Trolls I think she becoming a distant memory again, she still enjoys watching the movie.
  • Hair Brush with the fluffy hair bands, she hasn’t much hair, but enough to put in to a pony tail or two.


The Final Christmas Picture.

Darth Vader Tutu

I was able to find this really cute Darth Vader TuTu on Ebay. It has a mask and a cape; just like her Daddy she does like Star Wars. I can’t wait to see her in it.


What have you managed to get your Two Year old?

I will be back to add more in a few weeks. This Christmas Shopping is never ending.

I love the festive season.

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