Mini Christmas Haul for a Four Year Old Girl

This year I have tried my best to shop for Christmas throughout the year. I think I have been reasonably successful, with only a few things to purchase. It is really nice to feel organised. We don’t have a huge income, and what we do get after the bills and bring stuff; we like to treat the children as much as we can; if that means spoiling them at Christmas, then I am happy with that.

So I thought I would share some of the items I have purchased for her so far.

She is a huge fan of Princesses, pink and all things fluffy!

4 books, moana, dot to dot, trolls, despicable me 3

Moana – Book of the film. I’d purchased this in the Asda book range two for £7.

First Dot to Dot and sticker book, Princesses of course. Purchased from Aldi at just £1.99; another Aldi purchase (there are a couple of these) Despicable Me 3 Unicorns book, priced at £1.99. Lots of activities inside, I am sure she will love it.

4th in the photo is Poppy from Trolls lockable journal, filled with stickers and things to colour in, marked at £9.99, but had £5 off. This was one of my earlier purchases; possibly back in the spring at Otter Nurseries Garden Centre in Devon.


Next in the pictures is, what I think will be one of her favourite presents; a Flash Costume. Big fan of Super Heroes Flash is one of her favourites; so I was able to get this skirt and cape made for her. It has a mask too. For £20 I cannot wait to see her face.

Flash Costume

(Peek a Boo Boutique)


Next we have some items from Primark, Secret Life of Pets Nail polish set, which I brought in the January Sales for £2 and a lip stick set for £1.

Second item from Peek a Boo Boutique is head band made with netting.

Next in this picture is a hair brush from B&M, which has hair bands in the handle…wonder how long it’ll take to lose them all. Only cost £1.

christmas gifts

Another couple of Aldi favourites (I really should stay away from the centre aisles…). A unicorn pencil case, in their back to school range, which was £2.99. Next is the “fluffy unicorn” from Despicable Me 3. There was no way that was going to miss taking it home, for cost £4.99; I ended up going back into the shop after packing the car and picking up her little sister one too. Save the arguments. The following week they had sold out.

Returning to the Super Hero Theme, we have Wonder Woman, another of her favourites; brought in Tesco for £18 down from £24. Not a massive saving but some money off.

Lidl’s’ treats Is This Secret Life of Pets Mug set £2.99 and a “Flash” tin with mini chocolate biscuits in.

Rounding up with an Emoji tin of biscuits (it is tiny), for £1 in Home Bargains. Finally a mobile game, the ones with water in and you have to pinch the buttons to move hoops or fish onto a goal of some sort. £1 from The Original Factory Shop.


Such small things, but things I know our little girl will love.

I have since added to the collection a little, but haven’t taken photos, as they’ve all gone straight into the loft.

Large (When I say large probably about half a metre), “Glamma Girlz” Fairy Doll, which was £7.50 in Tesco, down from £15.

The Gruffalo Colouring in book priced at £1.99 and a Scratch and Sketch Princess book £2.99, both from Aldi.

Mini Light Saber Bubbles 50p in the Wilko Sale

Unicorn Lip Balm £2 from local Garden Centre

Bath bomb (she is addicted) from Superdrug for 50p

Beauty and the Beast Lip Balm, which looks like the rose in a dome £3.50 down from £7, again from Superdrug.

Finally (for now) a Giant Unicorn Bath bomb in a jar. £6.50 from local business Bubbles n Fizz; I doubt this will be the last bath bomb I buy, they all love them.


So, for now this is my first mini Christmas Haul for our four year old girl. I am sure there will be a part two, but check out my mini haul for a two year old girl, coming soon.


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