Counting down to Christmas with Bookmas



For the past few years, alongside the Christmas Characters who visit during December, we have done a Book Advent – Bookmas; where there is a wrapped book for my children to unwrap each day, all Christmas themed. They don’t have a set each, but they do take it in turns to unwrap them daily. They really enjoy it.

Every year, we (Ralph the Reindeer or other members of the Christmas Team), would give the children daily clues to solve to find the parcels; this year we’ve decided due to work and school commitments that we’ll just do the clues at the weekend. It is fun watching them work as a team.  This year even more so with Mini Red, finding her love for reading and learning to read.



The Books

There is no real order to them, we used to number then, but to be honest it became stressful when there were times where we would forget, only remember once we were in bed, so no now we can just search a parcel out and place it under the tree.

Away in a Manger

A Christmas Carol

A Letter to Santa

Jack Frost

Santa’s 12 days of Christmas

When I dream of Christmas

The First Treasury of Snowy Tales

The Nutcracker

Robbie the Reindeer

Dragon’s Merry Christmas

The First Christmas

Santa’s coming to Somerset

12 days of Christmas

The Jolly Christmas Postman

Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy

Dear Santa

Polar Express

Mog’s Christmas Calamity

The Magic Little Christmas Tree

Ralph’s Christmas Adventure written by me!

Christmas at Puddle Lane

Snow Queen

Kevin and Katie’s Christmas Adventures.


Most of the books I have purchased in Charity Shops or Aldi, which keeps the costs down.

Christmas Eve


For Christmas Eve we always put together a hamper of some sort, filled with yummy treats; like Hot Chocolate, new mugs, biscuits a film, this year there will Stick Man; plus another movie. And the final book for Bookmas.

A Night Before Christmas
As much as I love these traditions; I do often find myself asking – Why did I start??

But at the same time it always lovely to see their reactions at the magic before them.


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