My Cheerful List #34

We have reached week 34. I have found this week to have flown by, with not a lot that has happened. We have slipped nicely back into routines from the holidays, which seem like such a lifetime ago.

I have struggled a lot this week, with events in the media; I am okay it just felt a little heavier than I anticipated. It is nice to have an understanding friend whom I have been able to be very open with my thoughts without being judged. It is very difficult to find the right support for these occasions, the organisations who set out to support aren’t always there, meaning having friends who really understand is priceless.

I have been poorly this week too, the arthritis has not been my friend, and tonsils have also pained me. Making me very drowsy on Saturday, leaving my only day off this weekend being asleep! Not impressed.


Midweek Outing

Went out with a friend again and her children to soft play, and lunch. I hope the weather changes for the better soon; there is only so much soft play we can endure. Although this particular one was very quiet, with only a couple other children there, makes the experience a lot nicer.


Keeping Fit

The previous week we began a regular walking evening, this week was no different. We took a different route; where I became the entertainment, getting both of my trainers stuck in the mud! I must admit it was hilarious, but I think we need to save those lanes for a dry spell!! I have the bug to try and lose this blasted weight! This week I have lost 4lb 9oz! I am very pleased with that effort; I hope to repeat the same next week.


Majorette Display

My Cheerful week is concluded with two of my majorette children displaying at a local Volkswagen festival. It was a little wet under foot, but they all seemed to really enjoy themselves. They’re such a lovely team.


They forecast snow and wintery weather for the coming week, let’s hope it is all lies….It’ll be May!!

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