Charity Work

We left the hospital alone, with what felt like nowhere to turn to. Our area certainly lacked the support or thoughts into having anything to support such a thing. As a result of losing our baby daughter, we felt we needed to be able to do something in her memory. We didn’t want to put together a charity; we didn’t feel we had the confidence or know how to put something together.

I found a venue and I had a local midwife to support me, I just felt I needed something extra to help back it; that I could raise money for our little group; so I contacted the charity Towards Tomorrow Together, who is a local charity to get their backing in putting the finishing touches to my plans. I was able to set up a Face to Face support group in my area. We have done some fundraising events recently, and are looking at doing more in the future.

Would love for you to take a moment to check out their information, it is an amazing cause, helping families get through the unimaginable.


Charity Towards Tomorrow Together

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We have become such a lovely group, and I am so proud of what the group has become. I am looking at more. It is very hard with the minimal support, as a lot of awareness is centred around miscarriage and stillbirth; not so much Neonatal Death or Post-Neonatal (which is technically our daughter).