Zoo – Blogtober 2017

Thank you for stopping by for today’s Blogtober¬†Zoo, if you missed yesterday’s here is my Year in Review¬†

Today’s theme is Zoo.

The zoo isn’t somewhere we really visit; more so because we can’t always afford to go, if and when we have the money we choose to go other places.

Growing up we used to visit Cricket St Thomas Wildlife park a lot, it was very local to us, and more than wildlife; it was always a great day out. Sadly it is no longer there as a family park. I visited recently, take a look here.

Such a shame these things don’t last as long as our memories do.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

Tiny Wildlife Part near Axminster, is perfect for very small children; it is a small place and easy for little ones to walk around, with regular activities for the little ones to do and see, including Guinea Pig fishing. I must admit I like watching that one, the children love it.


It is basically a bamboo stick with string and lettuce clipped to the end. It is fun.


Exmoor Zoo

Easter Weekend this year we decided we would do something with my Mother In Law rather than the usual roast lunch and eat chocolate.

It was incredibly chilly, but a lovely day out. We only took the younger two girls, the older to were at their dad’s; but it amazing how expensive places are when you have lots of children, particularly when some places charge adult prices for over 12s. Hardly surprising when she is the same height as me!

There was all sorts of animals there, lots of mention of the famous Exmoor Beast; plus they had singing dogs!

Here are some of my favourite pictures.

Exmoor Beast Poster Singing Dog information children at the zoo feeding a kangaroo kangaroo

It is always lovely to learn about our Earth’s many creatures.

Do you have a favourite Zoo?


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