YouTube -Halloween – Blogtober 2017

Today’s theme is YouTube.

I do have a channel, but it isn’t something I have really used myself. I’ve made profile videos for The Butterfly Awards, to ensure the links went to the right place. My son has done a couple of videos.
I’m not overly confident, it is one reason I won’t do Facebook lives or Instagram live either. I can take photos, rarely of myself but a video. No way. Two of my children love YouTube, with my eldest keen for us to become a YouTube family – we’ll see.
I’d love to though, maybe that could be my New Year Resolutions, to pluck up the courage to film.

Watching YouTube

I love YouTube, but I do watch random things. A lot of fan made things of my favourite shows and films.
Most are really clever.
I also enjoy watching my favourite artists’ videos too.
I like the things which can take you down memory lane, TV shows, adverts and songs from my childhood to show my children what we had.
Big old time wasting experience, but there you go.

Here are some of my favourite YouTube videos.

starting with some Halloween Themed Music Videos. (Not Scary- I hope).

Pink – Don’t leave me. Hilarious video, which I think is Stephen King themed.

30 seconds to mars – The Kill. Another Stephen King themed video.

Backstreet Boys – Backstreet’s Back (My son loves this song and video).

My Chemical Romance – Black Parade

Stone Sour – Bother

Not forgetting

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Halloween Themed Films


Hotel Transylvania


The Addams Family

Hocus Pocus


Halloween Themed Shows

The Real Ghost Busters

Count Duckula



The X-Files


Does anyone remember BBC’s Round the Twist? Good grief, won’t be sharing that one here…

Maybe One I’ve missed – Trap Door.

I love YouTube, but it can be such a bug time waster. For me it doesn’t help with procrastination!!


Well this is the final day of Blogtober 2017. Thank you so much for reading my posts, especially the ones where I ended up playing catch up in places.

If you missed yesterday’s check out my page.



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Happy Halloween!



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