Year in Review Part One – Blogtober 2017

We’re not quite done with the year 2017 just yet. But this year has moved by super quickly.

I have struggled a lot with anxiety this year, so a lot has been lived through fog. It hasn’t been the nicest of experiences. It is terribly lonely feeling the way I do. I have new friendships which have grown this year, which has helped a lot.  But at the same time we have created some really lovely memories too. Here is today’s Blogtober post.

My Year in Review – January

This is the birth of my son and my husband, so we try and do something; although usually trying to recover from Christmas, we always like to do some thing nice. This year we went to Bristol, my husband took my son and eldest daughter to air-hop, whilst I went to the sops with my Mother in Law and younger girls, then met for birthday lunch. They had a wonderful time.

a girl in front of a water fountain


It is always a heavy month, followed by the weeks in which we remember our daughter’s life. The lead ups are always the worst. This year we did a big Charity Event, the night before her birthday; although it was a wonderful event, it was far too close to her birthday. I found it incredibly stressful mentally; it takes all my mentality to get through her birthday and anniversary days without extra things. I am glad we did it, but if there was ever a next time, it would be nowhere near her birthday. I don’t think it will ever get easier.

memorial bunting. babies year by year.

Role Call in the Hall, bunting of baby names.



Mini’s birthday, of course there is still the grey cloud over us; I try my best not to let it darken further. It is hard for people who haven’t been through a loss where your baby lives for a short while; for me I constantly calendar watch “this time so many years ago”. I guess it is even worse for people who lose older children. I can’t imagine.

birthday girl and her cake

Mini’s birthday she had a birthday party at our local dance studio; she loved every minute; meant I also made a wonderful friend too.



Anniversaries still linger a little, but they lighten, as we enjoy my eldest daughter’s birthday; here we paid a visit to the all you can eat buffet restaurant Zaa Zaa Bazaar in Bristol, one of her favourite places to eat. We do our best to spoil them one way or another on their birthdays.

family portrait

Competition season for the majorettes had begun too; lots of fun and adventures.



Our sixth wedding anniversary,we had friends over for a BBQ on our rare sunny days. We even had hail (I know, I know it wasn’t bloody snow – it did look like it!)

Three males lighting the fire pit



Baby’s 2nd birthday. We’ve kind of started a tradition of a birthday picnic for her birthday, this year was definitely no different; a picnic followed by the older two performing in the little carnival.

Two year old birthday, wearing her granddad's sunglasses

And I will leave the next part for December…


Here is yesterday’s Xmas post


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