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I love Xmas – or should I say Christmas. I wasn’t sure I ever would after losing our girl. But if anything it made me love it even more. I was pregnant with her during the Christmas period, actually all of my viable pregnancies hit the festive period.


It wasn’t the nicest of times; but I always tried to focus on the following one; where we would have a new baby. Of course that following year didn’t arrive with one baby; found myself pregnant again the next year, with a tiny glimmer of hope that we’d get that magical Christmas the following year.

Rather than be constantly living in reminders of vomiting (Hyperemesis) or grieving I – we decided to throw ourselves into making the festive period fun and magical. Or should I say continue to make it magical.

Christmas Magic

Everyone’s traditions fascinate me, love how everyone celebrates Christmas, but in their own special way.

Recently I shared our very own Christmas Traditions here.

From new bedding on Christmas Eve to a Book a day throughout December, this one is a slightly newer one to us. But the children love the daily parcels to open. There are clues to follow to find the presents.

One of my favourite things is Christmas themed outings; for the past couple of years we have visited a National Trust Property – mentioned above, it brings us together as a family; something we all look forward to and it doesn’t cost a fortune, may even scrape to a Hot Chocolate or a Mulled Cider.


The way places really take on board how pretty Christmas can be; the only down side is how expensive things can be, especially if you have a bigger than average sized family. We looked into just recently a train ride with Santa; but for us all would cost close to £100, if you include petrol to get to the places.

It really doesn’t have to be expensive, we’re now considering going to local attraction Pecorama, which is half the price but with more activities to do; making it a lot more worth while. We’ll wait to see what the weather is like.

christmas stockings

What is your favourite thing aboutthe festive period? I cannot wait for this year’s.

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