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I can’t ever decide what season or type of weather is my favourite. We’re so lucky to have Mother Nature give us this variety; that they’re all pretty amazing.

Winter Weather

Okay, so we haven’t really had the snow in recent years; particularly since Mini was born in 2013. We had a fair amount whilst I was pregnant with her, and her sister 2011/12, but nothing since. I hate driving in it, but I’m not a big fan of driving anyway. When we have had it, it is usually a bit of fun to play in.

Mine and my husband’s first winter together it lasted for weeks and weeks, it seemed to stay forever. I worked half an hour a way there were times where it was difficult to get over there; with a couple of snow days in the mix.

Snow Angel

It is mostly wet, these days, we don’t get ‘proper’ winters, just flooding.



For me Autumn usually means the carnival season, growing up once we had returned to school, Carnival night was THE night to look forward to. An annual family and friend gathering; my God parents would pop in; my grand parents would also come and watch; although that wasn’t for a long period in my childhood. The carnival would last for hours, you’d keep warm from the heat of the floats. I took part in a couple when I was very young too, through our own entry and majorettes.

carnival float

Dancing alongside to the music, it was the first evening outing of the season where we’d need hats and scarves. As I started my own family carnivals were the time to buy new coats and scarves, but as the weather has changed over the years, Autumn would seem to be getting warmer. Warm coats and woolly hats aren’t needed as much, if at all. Climate change I guess.

The colours which the Autumn release, such a beautiful time of year, the browns and golds from the trees, crisp leaves on the floor.

weather-Autumnal Picture

It has to be the best time of year to take a walk. You’re treated to so much colour, it’s never the same.



Gave us a whole new meaning, when our daughter died. Born in February dying in April, that year the Spring sunshine arrived early. Wheeled back to recovery I could see the bright sunshine seeping through the windows. I love the sunshine, but it was the last thing on my mind that day. For the duration of her life we had a mini heatwave. I even got burnt; I was wearing flip-flops and vest tops, when in previous years it would still be chilly. Spring brings yellow flowers; Daffodils and Sunflowers are our go-to flowers to have in the home or decorate her grave with during the Spring.




Am I the only one when I think of Summer, it needs to be said in Olaf’s voice? Yeah? Just me? I thought so!

Summer is very hit and miss weather wise, there can be the most beautiful warm weeks, where you can make memory after memory – or it can be a washout! Latter is more often.

summer-beach scene

I love going to the beach, taking walks; It saves a lot of money rather than paying for places to go inside. I love, love the six week summer holiday. Spending time with the children without sharing them with school. We don’t do things every single day, we certainly don’t pretend to be perfect, they shout and bicker like they should. But we do like making memories.

Family is important.

Kind of slipped off the weather theme in some places. But I did mention it…

Thank you for reading, if you missed yesterday’s #blogtober by Hexmum, here is mine.


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