Villains and Superheroes – Blogtober 2017

Welcome to Day Twenty Two of Blogtober 2017. Today’s theme is Villains and Superheroes; I have cheated a little bit, as I have shared this elsewhere before here

The Secret Superheroes 

I don’t remember chasing a funny white rabbit, 
Neither did I fall down a magical hole;
Entering a dream that is undoubtedly never ending.
The Muggles versus the Wizards.
Superman and Clark Kent.
Bruce Wayne and Batman.
The Mother versus the Bereaved Mother. 
Only the final one didn’t give me Super Powers,
Our poison isn’t as simple as Kryptonite.
And we certainly can’t hide behind a cape and costume.
Like The Superheroes we have to be careful who we reveal our secrets to.
We’re not deadly.
But somehow we come across as terrifying
Though we don’t get given a wand 
Or even lessons on how to use our “powers” 
But we’re expected to know how to use them.
Our magical powers is living
With child sized hole in our hearts.
Expected to read minds,
To know who we can speak to, 
How far we can take the conversation. 
Is it easier to say 3 or 4?
Who am I trying to save?
Save people “normals” from the entirety of a pain,
But saving them by raising awareness so they never have to 
Endure this journey.
You could say we’re The Avengers 
No two parents’ loss is the same
But we all have the power to save
The strength to break the thick wall of silence
Our magical power is

Villains vs Superheroes

As humans we don’t understand different. If someone is slightly different from the norm they can be seen as strange. Clark Kent I always remember as this geek, as Clark he was always the under dog, shy in a way. Huge glasses a rule taker. Different to his peers.
As a baby loss parent; I am fully aware of things that can take our children, if I can try and be a superhero by saving someone else this forever pain, then I am happy to be seen as a villain – the weird glasses wearing geek in the corner.
They can die through childhood diseases, through accidents; rare things like having an eye test. I would rather make people aware, than our daughter have more neighbours.
One day I can be that girl, who you think is strong, an inspiration, but I can also be that broken wreck of a girl too. I can be my own worse enemy too – torturing myself, when I don’t deserve to be.
My cape is invisible, and it remains around my neck.
Born with it not cursed.
A wizard without the wands. Muggles will never understand me.

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In case you missed yesterday’s here it is.
Thank you for reading.

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