Unusual Crushes – Blogtober 2017

I’m not sure if I have many unusual crushes; I am a little cliche and have solid eyes for my lovely husband. I often look at him and know how lucky I am to be his wife. Truly fancy the pants off him! I make no apologies for that, not one little bit.

Unusual Crushes Take One

I will start with the most unusual ones I could think of.

Ezio from Assassin’s Creed. I wouldn’t laugh – at least not yet.

Flynn Ryder, yep from Tangled!

Kristoff – Frozen.

unusual crushes

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Unusual Crushes Take Two.

Unusual but probably more acceptable than fictional animated characters.

Gregory House – Dr House; he is a bit of an attention seeker, but the way he diagnoses people, is just brilliant, he and

James Wilson, House’s long suffering best friend. It is a great show, I really must watch it again.

Lex Luther from Smallville. Not a fan of bald men, but well he isn’t half bad.

Kevin McKidd – aka Owen Hunt, not sure why, could be his secret Scottish undertones, of course he is American in the show, but is of Scottish heritage.

David Tennant – Sticking with the Scottish theme (my husband is of a Scottish heritage, but without the accent).

Matt Smith – He is our Melody’s “Doctor.” His Christmas special was what led us to name her – Melody.

Think that is all really.

Thought I would share with you my favourite smoothie, which involves Unusual (to some) ingredients.

Favourite Smoothie

Green Reviver Smoothie

Contains Curly Kale

Lemon Grass


And Mango

It gives a real day glow green look, but it is one of the most delicious smoothies I have ever tried. I usually purchase it at my favourite local cafe, it is meant to be a quick pick-me-up. Although it doesn’t look particularly great, it is very yummy and comes highly recommended.

Check out yesterday’s Teenager Theme in case you missed it.

Not long left for Hexmum’s Blogtober. Thank you for reading.

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