Relaxation, what I do – Blogtober 2017


Relaxation doesn’t come easily for me, I like to keep busy;but then when my to do list gets too busy I get grumpy and stressed.
For relaxation I guess writing the novels rather than the blogs is a lot more relaxing, there’s no rush, well there doesn’t have to be a rush for the blogging, but I like to keep to date with it; sometimes I can’t quite keep up with it all. But I try.

New Worlds

Watching movies, we don’t have a television license, so we have a huge collection of films.
Playing mindless games, my favourite was Township, but since my fire smashed, I’ve not been able to play it;it’s not the same on my phone.
I do love the Xbox too, I’m a bit of a fan of Assassin’s Creed; I like the Harry Potter games. I’m not a huge gamer but I do like playing them, even more so since getting glasses and I can see what I am doing!


relaxation quote

Back to Basics

Walking I do love taking a walk, I’ve not had the energy recently, and the weather hasn’t been kind, I’m definitely a fair weather walker, but it does help to relax me.
Trying to switch the whole world off,it’s not easy I do find it very hard to wind down,can take ages to settle and doze off.
Reading when possible helps.
Classic Fm became a huge part of our bedtime routine, it’s a brilliant radio station and really relaxing. Mini used to love the smooth tunes of a night time.
War of the worlds, I find is soothing to listen to. It’s very clever narrative and music is brilliant.
Maybe I should take up Yoga; I do know I need to spend less time on social media.
Plan ahead and maybe I’ll achieve that one even for a day.

Yesterday’s Quotes.

Thank you for reading.


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