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Day 17 of Blogtober 2017 challenge. I love searching for well meaning quotes, inspirational, funny, motivational bereavement ones too. People who begin these quotes are awesome, that often their quotes are shared by hundreds of people just because that one sentence has given someone something to relate to. At times leaving them feel less alone; there’s always a story behind a quote –  well most of the time.

Most of my favourites are actually from films or television shows –  mainly one.


These quotes I have sourced through Google, and are not my own. I just love them.

“I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from yours”

I love this one from Alice In Wonderland; often have to remind myself and others of this. Having had people not quite understand our lives as bereaved parents, we get labelled odd. We are not.

“Which Road do I take?” She asked “Where do you want to go?” He responded. “I don’t know.” Alice replied. “Then it doesn’t matter” replied the cat.

Another Alice quote – I love Alice In Wonderland. Only we can control where we are going, some paths are bumpier than others; there’s never an easier option.

Loss Quotes

“I will always wonder who you would have been.”

Something of a baby loss themed quote

“Before you tell a grieving parent t be grateful for the children they have, think about which one of yours you could live without.”

This one, as people assume that if you have children, or go on to have children whilst losing one (or more); that your loss is insignificant; that it doesn’t matter as much. There is NO at least, where baby loss is concerned.

“The longest walk Home that any parent will ever take is the one after their child has ‘run’ ahead of them.”

That’s right too. They’ll always be too far away.

“Don’t give up.”

Not necessarily a quote, but I think this should be said often, small words can at times go along way.

“Sometimes the most real things in the world are the ones we can’t see.”

Featured on The Polar Express. I love this film so much; it is always for me a sign of Christmas. It truly keeps the magic alive.

Grey’s Anatomy

“You were like coming up for air, it’s like I was drowning and you saved me.”

First of the Grey’s Anatomy quotes –  Derek Shepherd

“The very worst part about pain is that the minute you think you’ve past it, it starts all over again.”

Meredith Grey.

“I think it is important to take the time to tell people you love how much you love them, while they can hear you.”

Grey’s Anatomy.

These writers are geniuses!



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