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Day 16 of Hexmum’s Blogtober 2017 is – Phobias, we all have them whether they are completely irrational or whether they are made up from something that has happened to you to be fearful of things. Often people who don’t suffer with the same phobias don;t always understand them; then expect reasons for them, then still not understand them.

I have phobias, which I know full well are irrational; but they are what they are. I won’t be adding photos that will match the theme, because I am THAT person that can’t even look at photos of the phobias I have. I remember doing a psychology course which touched upon phobias; Googling information – that was a mistake; pictures of things ON other things I am phobic of. Not a pleasant experience I must say, I know they are just photos!

My Phobias

Spiders is probably top of my list; quite possibly irrational I know, I don’t need people to tell me I am bigger than they are, or that they are more scared of me than I am if them – I could probably take a bet on that one.

Clowns, creepy awful things. I was never that bothered until I watched Supernatural (love that show), there was an episode (or a few), with creepy clowns; no idea how they are for entertaining children. **shudders** at the thought. Of course last year there was a spate of Clowns randomly frightening people for no reason; they were in our town too for a short while. They can leave me alone too.

Deflated Balloons, yes this one is definitely irrational, they are horrible things I am not a fan of balloons anyway, but when they start to shrivel and wrinkly, I literally scream and can feel myself go into a panic. (May be I have a fear of the elderly too 😉 )


Losing any more of my children, this is an obvious one and doesn’t really need a lot of explaining. I would say this is definitely not irrational, but it is something I cope with, most of them time.

Dying I can honestly say that  I am probably not alone in this; I have always had the fear right from a young age; may be I should get support for it; it is definitely worse since losing our daughter; I don’t show it, or at least I try not to show it to people. But I am and it terrifies me. Sometimes sleeping it off doesn’t help, because I occasionally get into a sleep where I fear I won’t wake up; this is one reason why I have never said that Melody or other dead relatives are asleep. I was told a grandparent had fallen asleep at a very young age and it is definitely something that sticks with you

Phobias Caption

I really wish people wouldn’t belittle people’s phobias like that either. It actually doesn’t help, an attempt at some understanding through someone else’s fears an go a long way. Some fears can paralyze a person, reassurance rather than belittlement is kinder way to help someone through a phobia.

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