Old Photos. Change – Blogtober 2017

Blogtober Old Photos
I love, love old photos. Old photos of places that have now changed to almost unrecognisable. It fascinates me how much time changes everything. Buildings expand or fall apart. What once were fields are now housing estates.

Train Station

We have a cycle path a stone’s throw away from where I live, it is lovely for walks and running. But it hadn’t always been a cycle path. It was once upon a time a railway line, quite an active one too.
The train station which once looked after waiting passengers; became a shelter for bad weather. A station that was once framed with steam from slowing trains; had the sound of the whistle rebounding from its walls; no longer has the steam, no longer has tracks by its side; definitely no longer hears the trains thundering towards it.

old photos

Photo taken of the Magazine Steam Days

Today it remains, but as a retail shop; it was once a car work shop, a Tyre fitting company. Now it holds clothes and lunch boxes; far from its once former glory. But I am glad they kept the building.


old train station


old train station


Old Photos

Looking through photos of old memories is such a wonderful thing; I am still in love with looking through photo albums and reminiscing on things we have done in the past. The amazing way in which modern photography can capture every part of a family’s growth. We have photos from in the theatre of each child’s birth (apart from Melody’s), wedding photos, day trips, camping trips, outings with friends.

It is a real shame that we hold our pictures locked away on computers, phones and clouds. I know we don;t have the space to hold thousands of photos in albums; but there really is nothing like reading a book which is made up of your own story in pictures.

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