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Day eleven of Blogtober 2017 Although our current kitchen is a lot better than one from our old property, it still isn’t the nicest looking of kitchens. So you don’t need to see that. I am instead going to share some kitchen themed memories and facts


wooden kitchen

All things Kitchen

  1. I had announced at least two of my pregnancies to my husband in the kitchen. One of the pregnancies was the one after the death of our daughter. I had already taken a cheap pregnancy test, but I needed to use the ones which say the word pregnant on the screen.
  2. In the early months of grief I baked…mainly scones, but I made hundreds of them; we enrolled a friend to help eat them, but from the month she died until I fell pregnant three months later I baked. The only reason I stopped was because I soon developed Hyperemesis and I couldn’t stand food let alone the smell or even to bake or cook anything.
  3. I have spent time in the kitchen crying. I have at times gotten to the point where I break, and for some reason it is always the kitchen.
  4. One of Baby Lolly’s favourite toys is the wooden kitchen. It was the four year old’s Christmas present the year I was pregnant with the youngest. I was suffering the HG hell, but really wanted to put the thing together. The instructions are never as easy in real life. It is still together, and very much loved.
  5. Nothing really matches in our kitchen, we have a blue cooker, red kettle and toaster, one white full freezer and one full silver fridge.
  6. We have far too many mugs, I have already donated several, but I really do like slogan and silly mugs. My husband really loves the free Sports Direct ones – you know the ones which could flood a kitchen.
  7. We also have too many glasses, for people who don’t really drink or rarely have guests we really do have a lot of glasses, from wine ones, plastic pint ones, *cough* pub ones; I know we’re not the only ones! (Do people still have the old pub ashtrays too?)
  8. We don’t on a microwave. We used to have one;but we never really used it, so when it packed up we decided not to replace it.
  9. This is the most random of posts I have ever written, if you have stuck with it well done.
  10. See you tomorrow.

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