Joke – My favourite laughs- Blogtober 2017

Welcome to Day 10 of Blogtober 2017. Today is Joke.

I must say I don’t really know any at all.

A Rubbish Joke or Two.

“Knock Knock”

“Who is there?”


“Dr Who?”

“How did you guess?”


How many seconds in a year?#



Why did the Banana go to the Dr?

Because he wasn’t feeling very well!!


So, you see I am clueless when it comes to jokes.

I hate April Fool’s day. (My reason is here).

But I do love the odd stand up comedian and of course comedy shows and films. Here are some of my favourites.


  1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I loved this show as a teen; I am really pleased that my eldest daughter seems to be discovering it too. It was hilarious all those years ago; and the song is a favourite in our car at the moment.
  2. R.I.E.N.D.S It saw me through my years of secondary school, something to talk about after the Weekend; then it saw me through my first lot of maternity leave, here it ended in 2004, it was repeated on e4 (Is it still repeated on e4?).
  3. American Pie. Cheesy and completely ridiculous, but this was another this saw me through my late teens, their crazy antics right up until there was a wedding.
  4. Pitch Perfect, I find it funny; so I will pop it here. My daughter introduced me to this series of films, we’re big fans here. Looking forward to the next movie.
  5. An American comedy set I a hospital about Drs and Surgeons. Although it is funny it has also made me sob heavy tears. (My Screw up).
  6. Bridget Jones’ Diary. All three of them, I think the 3rd has to be my favourite, and it has nothing to do with Patrick Dempsey being a major role – honestly.
  7. Tim Vine as a stand up, he is a genius at one liners and puns.
  8. Peter Kay, introducing us all to Dad dancing, and GAR-LIC BREAD?! Dirty ……
  9. The guys of Puppetry of a Penis, having seen these guys live very recently, they are hilarious, who not only bring laughs on the night, but bring giggles when relaying the show to friends.
  10. Lee Evans. Another fantastic comedian, who seems to have the audience engaged the whole time.

joke. friends mug

These are my 10 favourite joke related shows.

Thank you to Hexmum for hosting.

Here is my Blogtober post yesterday.

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