Instagram – My favourites. Blogtober 2017

The theme for Blogtober is Instagram; it is fast becoming my go-to Social Media Platform. I haven’t been on the Instagram wagon for long; well not as long as Facebook.

I am going to share with you ten of my favourite Instagram Posts I have shared over the last 18 months or so.

My Ten Favourite Instagram Posts.


My very first Instagram Post was that of a bump shot at 34 weeks wit my last baby. “Thought share a rare bump photo!! May 2015

 pregnancy bump photo


“So this person woke to an email containing a nomination for The Butterfly Awards! Pretty Crazy, very shocked to be honest. eek! Need to have a think if I can accept the nomination. Of course I’ll have to blog about just what this means to me!!” This was the first time I had been nominated back in 2016; I have since been nominated a second time. March 2016

butterfly award nomination


“Enjoying my ice cream.” Dairy Free Treats. April 2016

baby eating ice cream


“100 happy days Day 29” Pecorama. July 2016

picture at Pecorama


“Chilly but sunny adventure in Bristol. She was fascinated by the fountains. January 2017

child in front of a fountain


“Lovely surprise post today from someone who began her friendship with as an internet weirdo; brought together by our babies in our hearts, she soon became less an internet weirdo, but more of a friendly weirdo. We speak daily, we’ve met a few a fair few times and she’s littlest’s God Mother. Today as I mentioned I had mail, aside from a birthday present for K and items of clothing, this was in it. Perfect ahead of melody’s birthday on Sunday.

We associate fairies with our girl, it’s a big thing for us, fairy garden, fairies on her headstone; she was tiny and beautiful, and cheeky. But of course no she is a mystery…Magic. Now thanks to my lovely friend we have a new addition. Complete with her name on her, daffodils and red hair. Unbelievably touched, especially right now these next few days, well they’re a bastard. Nice to know people out there to help make the days gentler. Thank you.” February 2017 (Wow! Long post)!

Lotty Lollipop Fairy


“Five Years ago today our five week old baby died. A cruel April Fool’s Joke of the worst kind. I remember even asking the nurses if they were actually joking. I can’t believe it happened to us”. April 2017

visiting a grave


“186 of 365. Wow, what a beautiful day. We decided that Strawberry Picking was the way to go today. Mini loved it the last time we went, but wasn’t so keen this today; but the baby loved the freedom to pick her own fruit and eat them. I think our nice weather days are numbered; so we definitely made the most of our outing”. July 2017

strawberry picking


“We had the most amazing light show last night (early hours), very loud too. It stayed over our house for ages, it moved off then we had more. Although the second bout I just laid listening to the rain and the booms. I always remember my Dad telling me about counting between flashes and booms, for the mileage, he always tried to get us to watch it. We were always told to unplug all electrical equipment and not answer the landline; the TV especially had to be turned off and unplugged… Anyone elses have this memory as a child? Funny I guess. the girls slept through it (in our bed). It is a lot less sticky, but still very warm. Big Reds return today! Happy Wednesday.” July 2017

Instagram Weather


“Can’t stop looking at my new tattoo. Love, love, love it. It was surreal having it done at midnight, but they were doing it for charity, and they went through lots yesterday. I have the bug again and want more.” October 2017.

sorting hat tattoo


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