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Welcome to this year’s Blogtober, hosted by Hexmum.
If you’ve missed the last few days please see the links below. Today’s prompt is Ice-Cream.
Having had Hyperemesis Gravardium then being dairy free for the next two years real ice-cream hasn’t been on my radar.
But I do love it.

While I was dairy free for my daughter who I was breastfeeding, she had cmpa, it wasn’t easy to find ice cream to enjoy with the rest of the family especially during the summer months. Unfortunately the market is rather slow at catering treats for dairy allergy sufferers, when you do manage to find something the prices are always high.

Dairy Free

Our local Tesco has a small offering of Ice-Cream; but with the huge range of normal ice-cream compared to the miniscule amount of dairy free just seemed so unfair.
The other ingredients to contend with is also soya (and temporarily for us gluten), not many companies remove both dairy and soya, the two as an intolerance goes hand in hand together.
Ice lollies made from juice was the way for us for a while.
She completed her soya ladder, so I was able to eat the Strawberry and Vanilla cones, which contain soybean, they’re the dairy free versions of things like Cornetto; they’re surprisingly really nice. Gluten free cone too.


We weren’t keen on the toffee fudge version, but it was great to have the option.
Being similar to Cornetto and of course the Tesco own version the price should have been similar, except at times they were double the price at £2. Which it can often feel like you’re being penalised for having an allergy.
You don’t suddenly become rich when you have intolerance.

The other ice-cream I enjoyed was Glacier Vanilla Ice-Cream; you’d need your own cones but that was OK, as this ice-cream is amazing; you’d hardly tell that it doesn’t have dairy in.

Our local Waitrose has a lovely selection of Dairy Free Ice-Creams, including the Alpro ones and a few Ben And Jerry Varieties.

It does seem to be getting easier to get free from Ice-Creams, but I just wish they would bring the prices to a fair amount.


Opening her dairy free parcel from her aunt. Including Salted Caramel Dairy Free Ice Cream!

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2 thoughts on “Ice-Cream – Blogtober 2017

  1. Bec

    I have so much respect for mums who breastfeed through CMPA – I don’t know how I’d manage without dairy in my life! It’s good that we’re getting more variety of dairy and soya free products now, although like you say it seems odd that dairy free will often contain soya, and also that they’re so much more expensive. Well done to you for sticking with it though, I hope you’ll be back to the world of regular ice cream soon!


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