Holidays – Blogtober 2017


We don’t really go on many holidays. We can’t really afford to.
Last couple of years we have camped.

We have spent a weekend in the Summer with my mum in law in North Devon. I absolutely love it there. The beaches are so beautiful. People talk so much about holidays abroad, as much as I would love to visit certain places there, there’s a whole lot of places to see here too.
Last year we did Nottingham, this year we did Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds, which we will repeat again, it was so pretty, making a short visit to Oxford whilst we were there.



So as we haven’t really been any where lately.

Places we would like to visit.

  1. The New Forest. This is actually planned for next August we’re really looking forward to this one, another one which will involve all the family.
  2. Stowford will be another, in North Devon. We love North Devon the time we plan to go is usually nice weather.
  3. Watermouth Cove; they have a mix of campers and lodges, this is on our to do list.
  4. Scotland would be another ideal place on our wishlist. Some of my husband’s family originated from there. We do have plans to go in the next couple of years; it is on my Before 40 List. 
  5. I’d obviously love to do Disneyland in Paris; I am such a big child when it comes to thing like this, but if there is one place I would chose to go abroad to, it would be there. Of course with recent attacks across Europe, and heightened anxieties at the moment; I am not sure I could cope right now. One day for definite though.
  6. Returning to Legoland in Windsor; we went just after we got married as a present from my husband’ siblings; I was very early in pregnancy with Melody, I was feeling rather sick; as much as e loved it we didn’t spend long enough there. With two more girls who would love it, we will need to return.

It is such a shame that destinations increase their rates over the school holidays; just as parents get fined for term time holidays; destinations should also get fined for changing prices often quite drastically. It isn’t fair for people who work hard for their holiday allowances and to pay for them, only to be stung no matter when they choose.


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