Goals – Blogtober 2017

Day seven of Blogtober is goals. If you have just joined me, this is my first time participating in this October blog challenge; which involves daily prompts. If you have been reading thank you. It is giving me a chance to explore other blogs which I haven’t read before.


I guess it would be to be genuinely happy. To find an inner peace where I stop worrying about what people think of me. Of course everyone has to have that level of caring to be nice.
But I take everything to heart, I get upset really easily, over things I either have no control over or Petty things that are trivial and shouldn’t matter.
I’ve a really bad habit of this. But it is only me who hurts.
While I feel less about myself the less I feel I want to push myself to further my career.
So one goal would be to like myself to learn that I can’t please everyone, I certainly can’t be liked by everyone either.


Fun goals would be to finish and publish my books that I’m working on.
Lose weight and to fit in to gorgeous clothes.
Holiday more, or at least camp more.

To meet the people who have helped me through the most darkest of times. I have relied heavily on the online through my pregnancies the HG and the baby loss community. It would be nice ejust sit in a cafe or a bar with cake or cocktails and talk. Have a cry and have a damn good laugh. I was able to talk to them about anything, there was someone there to reply, either because they were going through the same, or there was a way they understood or just simply because they wanted to offer some kind of offer of support.

At most these people became my best friends,only some I have never met. Two became God mothers to two of our girls.
We planned to meet in the the new year, with plans to visit Harry Potter world.
That would be a brilliant goal to achieve.
I couldn’t have gotten through without them.

Do you have any goals? Are there things you hope to achieve?

I have a things to do before I am 40 list here too.

Here is day six, have a look at what are my favourite flowers.



Reach for the sky


See you tomorrow.


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