Flowers – Blogtober 2017

Super easy one for me today. Flowers; I love them. I apologise that this is becoming a little bit Melody based. It isn’t meant to be. I am already doing a blog project this month in memory of her.

But it would seem fitting to share on here a little bit with you about the flowers which remind us of our girl.



The day she was born she brought the spring early that year, glorious sunshine. When we were in the NICU the sun would beam onto her face, and when we had a lunch break we would walk in to town, where I would get sun burn – in March. Wearing vest tops and flip flops, in a time that we’d usually be wearing something warm.



We didn’t really notice many flowers whist she was alive, we didn’t take notice of a lot really; we were so busy with making sure our family life was as normal as possible, and that she had our bonding time too; our surroundings took a hit. Daffodils were everywhere, they were in the beds at the hospital, in the hedges as we walked by; on the walk to and from school, in the countryside as we rode the bus they were every where. Bright yellow flowers.



When she passed away the one thing we knew we wanted was daffodils. It was April when she passed, so the daffodils were almost out of season, but the florist managed to get hold of some lovely vibrant ones. We asked the people who came to her funeral to only bring daffodils too.

As our family and friends stepped aside for us to tuck her in, we made a blanket of daffodils to make sure she remained warm. Once her funeral was over the daffodils disappeared, the hedges were dark the flower beds weren’t as bright, they were gone. Just like her.



Ever since they now seem to flower earlier and earlier each year, as if she wants to be thought of for longer by the people who matter to her, some as early as December.

For us Daffodils symbolise her, how bright and beautiful they are, but they don’t survive for long, much like Melody. They will always be her flower. They’re even on her headstone.


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