Facebook – Community. Blogtober 2017

Day Twenty Seven Theme is Facebook. The first thing that came to mind would be community. The online community is a very important one to me, particularly Facebook.

Facebook Love

The most obvious is meeting my husband through Facebook. He had friend requested me at a time when Facebook was a lot about collecting numbers and people. I’d assumed he was a friend of my brother’s. Not long after my first marriage broke down, I went through my friend’s list and deleted people associated with our marriage, and people I no longer spoke to. For some reason I decided NOT to delete him. Not long after I posted a status, saying how I had all these weddings to shop for all I had to look forward to was my divorce. He commented, her offered a hug. We began to communicate a little from then, until we eventually decided to meet as friends.  A week or so later we became an official couple. It turned out he wasn’t  friends with my brother –  they had never met.

Facebook Couple

He is my Soul Mate. I don’t know what I would do without him.


Facebook Support

With Baby number three I made the decision to join a parenting forum – Babycentre; I became a regular poster, and when Hyperemesis kicked in it became my go to place. We soon made an off shoot Facebook group with some members from the forum; Facebook made it easier to communicate. It became my home – Mayflowers was my first experience of an online Network which people should never be without. I eventually also ended up in a group BT, which wasn’t exclusively just for Babycentre users. They helped me through my anxieties, my concerns. They helped me conquer my loneliness. I found having the HG incredibly isolating.

Then this baby was born at 26+6 weeks, they gave me a place to vent, a place to cry without judgement. They gave me hope when everything felt broken. Having a baby in NICU is a terrifying experience. Then when they die it becomes even lonelier.


Facebook Community

These groups became my lifeline even more, they gave me support; and never once made me feel unwelcome. When the places that were meant to help us failed, they were the ones I could talk to. I remained on these birth boards for a while, and am still on BT. They all contributed to buy us a memory box for our girl. We’ll never forget that.

My groups changed from birth ones to bereavement ones, once again I found the most amazing support, amongst the most inspiring people I have ever come across. They helped me feel less alone in my thoughts.

Thank You

I will be forever grateful to them. I have gone on to meet a few of them, either through Mayflowers/BT or through PAIL (Pregnancy and Infant Loss); two of whom are god mothers to our younger two. If I were ever to have a bad day, I needed a PJ day or a good cry, there is always someone to speak to.

The online community can be such an amazing group of people, people with similar things going on in their lives brought together for support and friendship. Some of us may not have physically met, but we’ll always be friends. Thank you. my internet weirdos!


A few of us are planning a meet next year, and treat ourselves to a Harry Potter experience too! I can’t wait.


I have recently joined Networks through my interests as a writer, either Blogtober, or through The Revolution, and again it sin’t about parental or emotional support, but supporting with other things too, they’re amazing, and friendly too. Helping each other get read, or give advice about where we could do better with what we love doing.

I think if you do find the right groups and networks especially through Facebook, they can become this great resource, and almost like a secret world. It is brilliant. There is a whole world out there which can bring wonderful support. I get that we have to be careful regarding safety, but sadly in a world in which we live right now, safety is an issue whether we are behind closed doors or whether we take a step outside our front doors.

Facebook Community

Thank you for reading, if you missed yesterday’s here is Zoo.

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