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I wasn’t sure on what to do for today’s Hexmum Blogtober. The prompt being education. I wasn’t a fan of school. I left and did hair dressing for a while, until I took up work in the care industry and remained within the industry for 11 years, I started access to nursing, but had to postpone the course until I knew I would have proper child care. That was until our girl died, it was then I decided I would never be able to return to doing care work.

So I thought I would spread some awareness.

Pre-Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.

I had pre-eclampsia with my eldest daughter. I had on and off high blood pressure from about 28-32 weeks; it never went high enough to be considered to need treatment.

I got to 36+3 and I was admitted with high blood pressure, swelling and the protein, where I was induced the next morning. At 37 weeks she was born, she was born small, but she was well.

I didn’t get it with my second baby, however it later transpired that I probably had a form of it which only attacked my placenta, this was found out after I had baby number three.

Baby number three was conceived via my second husband.

Did you know?

Did you know that you are more susceptible to pre-eclampsia if it is either your first baby or if it is your first baby with a new partner? (We were informed of this after our baby was born).

Did you know that you CAN get pre-eclampsia before 28 weeks, although it is uncommon, you can get it before. I was told TWICE that you couldn’t get pre-eclampsia before 28 weeks. The first time after 12 days, at 26+6 weeks our daughter was born with the variant HELLP Syndrome. (The second time was a false alarm, with my 5th baby, but text book aren’t for everyone).

I didn’t have the really high blood pressure with HELLP, I just had very poorly bloods, and poor urine output; I was moments from seizing. When I went into theatre my urine was very dark brown, after delivery it had almost returned to normal colour.


Pre-Eclampsia is a condition that has been around for many years, I was born due to toxaemia, I am 35 this year.

Women are AND babies are still dying from this condition; they shouldn’t be.

Symptoms can be


Flashing lights,

A pain in your upper bump

Swelling, my fingers with baby number 3 had swollen so much my fingers were splitting.

Blurry vision



Never doubt your bodies; I made the midwife test my urine, she told me off for having symptoms at 23 ish weeks. 12 days later I had a micro premature baby.

We’re not always text book.


Hyperemesis Gravardium

Of course there is a lot about that in recent news, with the Duchess currently suffering with it. She isn’t the only one. Thousands of women suffer with it, and a lot in silence or alone.

Did you know that it is believed that author Charlotte Bronte died from HG, dehydration as a complication of the HG?

There is still so much research needed, and a lot of education for health care professionals. Morning Sickness is continually stated instead of the illness getting its proper name.

Regular IV hydration, liquid nutrition, no energy, low birth weight babies, depression, the risk of suicide, the want to terminate a much wanted baby, poor mobility. The medications that you have no real idea as to whether they’re safe are the things that keep you from literally vomiting yourselves inside out.

It is painful and so miserable and it isn’t always worth it in the end.

If you have an unsympathetic HCP, try to find one that is. You’re not “just” pregnant you’re really sick.


Trust your bodies.

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Pre-Eclampsia Information.

Hyperemesis Gravardium Information

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  1. Sarah

    I’m sorry you’ve been through all this – it’s definitely something we don’t know enough about so thank you for sharing your experiences. #Blogtober


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