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Day Three of Hexmum #Blogtober. Today’s prompt is car.

I only passed my test in 2006, but I have had a fair few cars since driving. My Dad was a huge car enthusiast, so when he passed away I wanted to do something fitting in his memory, so I took up driving lessons. These are the cars I have owned since passing my test. I went through a stage or getting bored quickly.

  1. Renault Clio, I loved this car, both myself and my daughter cried when I decided to say goodbye to it.
  2. Audi Coupe, I have no idea what possessed me to get one of these, I fell in love with it, but it wasn’t the most practical of cars, so when I fell pregnant with my son I switched from that to a…
  3. Kia, I can’t really remember a lot about that one; I don’t think I had it for long.
  4. Ford Mondeo, that one died.
  5. Hyaundai Coupe (thing), again, stupid choices post marriage break up, the CV joint went in it not long after I purchased it, because I was in desperate need for a car I temporarily had a
  6. Metro – it got me to college and back. It was okay, had small mileage for its age, but it was far too small.
  7. Daewoo, nice little car, I can’t remember what happened with that one, but I ended up with a
  8. Ford Fiesta, loved that car, it was small but I still loved it…then someone did an illegal turn, which led me to drive into them, writing it off.
  9. Rover 416, although an older car, this was another one we loved, it even stood still for weeks and weeks on end towards the end of my pregnancy and the duration of a hospital stay, it started first time! Unfortunately one night the was a spate of cars having their windows smashed, we couldn’t get a replacement, so we had to say good bye to it.
  10. Ford Focus, we had this one for just over year until we hit power failure going across North Devon link road Christmas Day. We borrowed a car for a while, until the summer where Mr took over his brother’s car; another
  11. Rover 25 this time.
  12. Rover 25 head gasket (I think) went. We borrowed again for ages, my friend was selling his Dad’s car, we brought that.
  13. Rover 416 (I think, or at least similar), it was a lovely car, another one which we loved, however we ended up having another baby, a surprise; so whilst I was in hospital having her, my lovely Mother in Law was not only looking after the children, but hunting for another car a seven seater.
  14. Vauxhall Zafira, which you will be pleased to hear we still have, and adore it. Ned the fun bus. It is the majorette support car and transports all sorts. We all love him. We won’t be changing him any time soon!

Support car

Seeing it all written down shocks me really, on how many I have had, and how much bad luck we have had with some!


Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far. See you tomorrow.


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