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I have recently joined a blogging network, once again the online community are amazing. Within this community I have come across a month long blog challenge Blogtober, through Hex Mum Blog
I do like to participate in these, I’m also continuing the series on Melody and Me, I do need to work here too.

Blogtober 17 list

All About Me

I’m Julz.

I host two blogs, contribute to an online magazine, I’m a dinner lady, I am a committee member for a Majorette troupe, and I set up and help run a local baby loss group through the charity Towards Tomorrow Together.

I am married for the second time to my soul mate.

Life is busy sometimes.

I have five children, we have three together.

As a child I was a Majorette myself and loved it, it’s lovely to now have my own children be a part of it.

I have self published two books and writing more, which I intend to have traditionally published.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I wrap myself up in all of the traditions and magic.

I have met The Archbishop of Canterbury, and had no real clue to who he is. But I had the loveliest of conversations with him.

Recently I have been diagnosed with arthritis, it seems strange to be diagnosed with something I always assumed to be an elderly person’s complaint.

I love writing and couldn’t really decide on the one thing to write, and wanted to keep writing about my relationship with grief separate to sharing memories and thoughts.

It bloody hurts, but I find if I stay still too long it hurts more, but then if I walk too much that hurts too.. Can’t win.
I’ve been shortlisted for a butterfly award for the second time for blogging the loss of our daughter Melody.

I have an addiction for Stationery, and for reusable bags. There are far too many of each.

I take things to heart far to easily…But I am working on that.


Mrs S wearing a christmas hat

Day One All About Me


The Red Head Diaries



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  1. Mandi

    Welcome to #Blogtober17, I am looking forward to finding out more about your family. I used to be a majorette, unfortunately none of my children have ever shown an interest!


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