#100happydays Day One

I always find this time of year strange, the time of year I was pregnant with Melody, the slow uphill climb to her birthday.  
The time of year I do Capture Your Grief, over on my other blog. 
An exciting time leading to Christmas. 
This moment last year I was very early pregnant with what led to another loss, then I fell straight away with our gorgeous Calliope. It’s been a trying year with the severity of the HG, the fear that comes with our type of pregnancy, 
then the tough early newborn weeks with our sensitive little moon bug. 
So this year along side Capture Your Grief, which doesn’t begin until October, I wanted to do something more positive. I’ve already done one this year I know, and will no doubt do another early next year, but my most recent was a haze of vomit and fear. 
So as the countdown to Christmas is now on, I thought I’d begin today…our Christmas Day this year is celebrated on Boxing Day…My One Hundredth Day. 

A positive end to what has been a crazy year. 

First Day

Would be waking up to this guy

Certainly a rarity of late, I think he has forgotten what his job is..
Next would be the rediscovery of all these clothes from our toddler when she was a tiny baby. 
Including her first rainbow baby grows and other rainbow bits. 
Finally for today finding these. 


I wonder how may of these I can keep hold of…


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