As part of our small friendship group, we all thought it would be a great idea to run a ‘babysitting club’.
We baby sit for each other, as it’s often hard to find sitters, so you can actually have a date-night, without feeling a little guilty, that you’re putting on people. As we’re fairly shy, John and I aren’t fans of asking.
So to co-inside with reaching our 5th year together we chose a date nice close to our ‘anniversary’
The world was our oyster.. it had felt like such a long time since we were able to pick anywhere, that wasn’t in our town, we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves, we almost opted
just to sleep and get a take away!
Instead we chose Nando’s  John had never been there, I had but just as a lunch time moment.
To begin with I was a little reluctant about going, only because there are so many options, we didn’t know what to pick, but it was a welcome surprise.
They welcomed us at the door, and we didn’t have to wait for a table,
although it did seem busy on first arrival.
We ordered our meal and sat for a moment or two..
in silence.
We genuinely had no idea what to say, it was just quiet.
For me personally there is always a sense of guilt, with being a bereaved mum, that there is this judgement, that now, you’re not allowed a break, or to say you’re tired, because the guilt that we’ve lost a child, means we’re to never moan again and be grateful.
Of course we are, more than most will (luckily) ever imagine.
But I do realise, no amount of criticism, we are allowed adult, one to one time.
Back to the date-night, it almost felt like it was our first ever date (only with out the cardboard sandwiches).
It didn’t take long to get into the swing of things, and actually we were extremely impressed on just how quick our food arrived too.
I was very, very naughty and ordered grilled chicken burger, with the famous Peri-Peri sauce
(little hot for me, but still nice), garlic bread and chips too (naughty)!
I was actually a nice treat.
We held hands and chatted about everything that wasn’t parent related.
It was lovely and we were very grateful to our lovely friends who babysat for us.
By the sounds of it they had a wail of a time, Movie Night, munches and laughter.
Perfect night for all.
Date-Night ‘Selfie’.

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