#100happydays Day Two

Great second day. Weather was typically British. Showers with a brief visit from the Sun every now and again.

In the words of my three year old.
“We’ve seen Donkeys,an elephant,had lunch and went to the shops”.
I’m happy with that. Spending the day with my lovely mother in law as she was visiting locally to us too.

I took this photo thinking it would be my happy moment…

Black tea (because this was the dairy free option) and a macaroon. Gluten free,dairy free treat. 
Well,unfortunately my taste buds could argue that this was not a treat. In fact it shouldn’t have been an option. 
Not particularly nice!
Brief blue skies,between the downpours. 
We no longer wait for nice weather for picnics, we just take the weather as we find it. 
Soggy sandwiches and all…
Very lovely,happy day.
I’ve put together a first prototype of a package I’ve come up with as part of the baby loss group I run. 
A Birthday Package. 
(these are a rough guide,and open to opinions).
Which will include, a balloon, forget me not seeds, a butterfly (hopefully a rainbow maker one) and a tea light. 
It’s not big and will go in a tiny bag,but I’d like it to be a small gesture for parents whose babies don’t get a birthday, a chance to unwrap presents,pull at a balloon or blow out a candle.
So I’d like to offer, in our little girl’s memory these birthday gifts. 
With the help of the lovely charity Towards Tomorrow Together.
My positive light. 

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