#100happydays Day Nineteen

I have had such a lovely day, spending it with some lovely people and children.

With a brief loan of this gorgeous Fidella Fly-Tai, very much have my eye on one of these, but of one of their different designs. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am a wrap/Tai fan, so this is right up my street. Calliope loved it too, she went to sleep quickly in it.

Enjoyed lunch at the Hideout , very delicious and very child friendly too. 
Really impressed. 
Even catered for my Dairy free, gluten free diet too. 
Upon returning home, I had initially been red-carded, by the postman, usually it gets returned to the sorting office, to await collection for the next day, only today the postman left it with a neighbour. 
He must have known how important this parcel was. 
And although I don’t really believe in signs, maybe Melody sent him something, because this arrived.
A copy of Melody’s “going home” outfit. I am so pleased we have it, and so unbelievably grateful to the lady who sent it, there are simply no words. 
Its a funny feeling having it in our hands again I cannot put into words how it makes us feel having this with us. 
Many people still find the concept of having internet only friends strange, but I really don’t know what I’d have done with out my internet “weirdos” 
We have her dress!!
Emotional Days…

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