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Summer Holidays 2018. Part One

I can’t believe the first week of the Summer Holidays for us is done! It has already gone so quickly.

We have had a pretty packed first week. I hope your week has gone well too.


Day One of the Summer Holidays

The children had a majorette display to open a new play park in the village they train in. They really enjoyed that, and were given free Ice Lollies too!

In the afternoon/ evening my Mother in Law came and looked after the children, whilst my husband and I had a very rare and very much needed night out with friends. Our town holds an annual festival; we went there, danced in the street and had a wonderful time. It definitely did us the world of good.


Day Two

Part two of the town’s festival and my mother in law came with me to do a stall to raise a little bit of money for Little Daffodils and the children’s majorette troupe. We didn’t make much but was nice to have launched a new package which I will be giving out. It was a very hot day, but lovely to spend the day with my Mother in Law.


Day Three

Another warm day, saw us head to the beach for an ice cream and some fresh air. The girls loved it, although our youngest had a reaction to the ice cream, so we have placed her back on a dairy free diet, she has never reached the top of the ladder. It is what it is. As long as she is okay, we’ll do whatever it takes to make her feel well.


Summer holidays 2018

Day Four

A very quiet day, making sure we have all camping gear required for a planned camping trip.


Day Five

First, of I would imagine many trips to National Trust property Montacute House. It is always very lovely there, we have been lucky so far to have such lovely weather.


Day Six

The road to Camping! The children were incredibly excited about this little break, as were we. Car packed, full to the brim of camping stuff and children. We left early enough to pay a visit to Trago Mills; we used to visit Trago a lot as children, but haven’t been for eight years. We will be returning to make a day of it. We spent the evening at our camping home for a few days – Woodlands Grove.


Day Seven

We spent the whole day at Woodlands Theme park, it was absolutely wonderful to see the children have fun and to spend it with wonderful company, people who we hadn’t met a year ago! Second and final night of camping was a rather scary experience, after weeks of the heatwave, we had gale force winds (which were not forecast), it was frightening to watch our tent move and flap in the wind. My eldest normally has her own tent, but she came in with us. In the morning her tent had blown onto ours! Super scary.


Day Eight

We packed up in the winds and made a final visit to the park, spent a good few hours until after lunch, as we reached our car it started a heavy downpour, we really did leave in good time.


Finishing the week with a very quiet day at home, listening to the wind and rain hit the house. I hope it doesn’t last.



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