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Six Years

I know I did a blog similar to this last year, but this guy really does deserve a mention….or two.


Just over six years ago, I did a “friend cull” on social media, I needed to break away from parts of my past and for some reason I bypassed John. I wasn’t sure who he was I assumed he was a friend of my brother’s. John remained.
Shopping for a couple of weddings, I put up a status “Shopping for all these weddings, all I have to look forward to is my divorce” I felt unwanted. John, for the first time commented…”I give good hugs xx”
I didn’t know what to think. Our conversation began, nothing in it, just friendship. Which at the time was important to me (of course, it still is).

Fast forward to 6 years ago today, we had been to our local nature reserve, returned to my house, where we became a couple.



We married in 2011. Was perfect to us, though of course there are a few things we would have changed, but certainly not our commitment to each other.



We then fell pregnant (again) with our honeymoon baby, sadly our marriage was hit with the trauma of having a premature baby, then of course losing her.
But John held my hand throughout, never once let go. I have never seen him turn to walk away. At times I cannot believe my luck. I feel I don’t deserve someone so kind and loving.
Remaining calm throughout my next pregnancy, stressful as it was he was amazing. I couldn’t have wished for a more supportive person.
We were getting our lives back on track, some calm was restoring, we were rediscovering ourselves again, of course we re-discovered ourselves a little too much! Leading us to sadly have an early miscarriage, I was the one who felt surprisingly calm this time. I wanted to hold him and never let go.
Dads are always forgotten in regards to miscarriage and baby loss. I make sure he is never forgotten.
We (very) soon fell pregnant again, turning into my most challenging (and final) pregnancy. Hyperemesis making me feel out of control of my life and my body. Yet John stayed, ensured I was rarely alone, helped me to bed, to the toilet, and everything else in between. At times I felt scared that it would push him to walk away…though he never, ever gave me any reasons to think this.
In fact he tells me every single day that I am amazing and sexy (crazy weirdo)!!
Her birth terrified me once again, pregnancy after a loss, without the HG is no walk in the park. One again he remained calm.
I am so proud of this man, I know he is struggling a little at the moment. But I need him to know how much we all love him, and how proud, me and the children are of him.
John you are my hero, the girls’ number one man. I love you so much….I don’t care if this is soppy.
Thank you for being you.
Happy 6 years together




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