The Red Head Diaries

One of Those Days.

A bitter-sweet kind of day if you like.
Today I applied for a secondary school place for my eldest daughter. So many say, they want time to stand still…to stop. I’m one of those people who is glad to be stepping into the next chapter with her. The challenges I am guessing that will come with a teen…although I’m sure we’re almost there…
I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful young lady in my life. I hope I can make her just as proud too.

Bright, beautiful and bossy….she made me a mum, we have our moments, of course we do.
I love this girl…
The missing application.
The other chapter of a different story, leads us to not receive that primary school application. No unique number, or primary school choices. A silence. A day that hurts a bit more than the rest. Another milestone never reached. Nothing I can do to change this. I’ll always being thinking the what ifs…
Some people have absolutely no idea, just how lucky they are.
I miss my “three year old” today.
Feel just a little more broken today…
Looking through the youngest’s newborn clothes as she progresses into the next size, it had me thinking that I don’t have Melody’s “coming home dress” to put in her memory box.
So currently on the look out for it.
Huge long shot, I know but worth a try.
Tomorrow will be brighter.
This Lady bug turns 2.5 today…
She is as bright, beautiful and bossy as her older sister.
Who brought us more light and smiles, when everything seemed so dark.
She is three months today.
We’re (both) still battling with tummy sensitivities, from the HG and just being one of those things.
It has been a difficult start through anxieties of being a bereaved parent, lack of sleep and the diet issues. But I think we’re turning a corner.
She smiles the most beautiful smiles, she’s on a never ending growth spurt, and is keen to be doing the next thing. Rolling, being nosey and so excitable.
Yet she is such a sensitive little thing, from her tummy to needing lots of reassurance.
She may have been a surprise, but she is amazing..
Happy three months sweetheart.

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