The Red Head Diaries

My Friday.

I love this day of the week.
Breakfast, getting dressed and lots of baby and boob time.
She’s nosey,so breakfast feed takes three times as long,when her siblings are busy getting ready.
But if I dare put her down to watch them, all hell breaks loose, how dare you,bad mummy!
Velcro baby is back on,the cycle begins again. Thankfully Fridays are a day daddy is home,to assist all the other meltdowns.
“I forgot to charge my mobile”
“Why are you walking? You can’t walk with me” Charming.
11 year old meltdowns, they’re not going to get easier…

“Where’s your jumper?”
“At school”
“Go and get another”
“I can’t, they’re all at school”. Big sigh and a reminder to the 8 year old,it is still cold out.

The three year old, the three year old where you have to tread very carefully; she could blow at any given moment.

Four or maybe five dress changes later, we may be ready to leave.

A little reminder to her,that it is indeed wet and chilly out..

(Yes,that is a sun hat,sun dress-which IS far too small,and yes that is rain in the background).

Rediscovers I have tattoos, has to repeatedly kiss them,as if they’ve just appeared over night. (My last tattoo was installed 6 years ago..)
Wait…the baby wants one more boob. She changes her mind – again.

Morning school run complete, check on the biggest that she reached school safely.
“Mum,you’re so embarrassing sometimes ”
Good!! I must be doing my job well.

Tots group, only today without the toddler. Baby and me.
I never really did baby groups with my older two, so this little church group has been a keeper since 2013.

Stopping off for a charity shop visit.
I do love a good charity shop session…our town certainly has a fair few.

Vintage dresses. Adore them. The littlest girls have two each now.

Growing up shopping in a charity shop,was some kind of strange taboo,that should never be admitted to.
I’m proud to say my children love a good rummage. Reuse and recycle..

I love my children dearly,and I love being a mum. But having gone from doing 12 hour shifts 3 or 4 times a week, to being a stay at home mum,has been a massive change.
HG,grief and mega anxieties pulled me back,of course there was no way I could return to the care industry I had worked since school.
I did some work from home…(I still do).
A little job,came available six months ago,I went for it certain I wouldn’t get it. Interview experience was what I’d planned.
I was offered it,I accepted.
Lunchtime Midday Supervisor.. Dinner Lady.
I must say although it is very,very part time….I love it.
I mentally struggled with our youngest girlie,it took some time for the bonding to appear and stay. It hasn’t been the nicest.
But for me my little job has really helped me with her. A break for a couple of hours to be me.

Baby and I are inseparable, my bond with her is so much better,but it has broken me. But we..I am getting there.

Today usually means Majorette night too for which I am committee, and now have three children in the troupe.
But not tonight. My lovely boy was sent home after my shift had ended feeling under the weather.
Whilst the 11 year old is involved in an Opera!! Love Potion,through her primary school, involving other local ones too.

I did return home from work to these too…

I am one lucky woman.
My Friday, thanks for listening.

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